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Technology Introduction

The construction and operation of rural sewage treatment terminal were restricted and influenced by many factors, such as local characteristics. So, the optimization of the treatment process is particularly important for the investment and operation management of the facilities. Using the combination of "anaerobic pond and constructed wetland", the effluent can reach the level A,class one standard of pollutants for municipal wastewater treatment plant (GB18918-2002)

The solids, macromolecule and the non-biodegradable organic matter could be easily degraded into degradable micromolecule organic matter by hydrolysis and acidification of anaerobic microorganism,which can make the wastewater be treated with less energy consumption and shorter residence time in the subsequent treatment.

Constructed wetland which is mainly the construction of wetland is based on the simulation of natural wetland,which makes use of the synergy between plant, substrate and microorganism in natural ecosystem to achieve the purification of water quality. The wetland system made up of the matrix / filler (gravel, etc.) grows plants with good performance, high survival rate, strong water resistance, long growth cycle, beauty and economic value on its surface,all of this constitute a unique animal and plant ecosystem . The water is purified by filtration, adsorption, precipitation, ion exchange, plant uptake and microbial decomposition when water passes through the system.

Process Flow Chart

The process flow chart of "Anaerobic pond + constructed wetland" is as follows:

Treatment Effects

The operation expense and cost of "anaerobic pond+ constructed wetland" treatment system are lower, and the system can efficiently remove the pollutant in wastewater, such as TN, TP and COD, which ensure the water quality stability, and can reach the level A,class one standard of pollutants for municipal wastewater treatment plant (GB18918-2002).


This technology is suitable for the sewage in the small towns and rural areas which are away from the urban sewage pipe network, capital ,energy shortage and lack of technical talents. Meanwhile, with its significant ecological environment benefits and ornamental value, sewage treatment can unify the ornamental value, entertainment and water quality purification .

Application Case

One of the domestic sewage treatment project in Zhejiang Province

Construction Time: 2015

Nature of the sewage: Rural domestic sewage

Scale: 20 administrative villages

Main process: anaerobic pond + constructed wetland

Requirement: level A,class one standard of pollutants for municipal wastewater treatment plant (GB18918-2002)

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